Safe and Secure Schools


School Safety

All too often gun violence and mass shootings top the headlines in America, causing anxiety and confusion among young people. It is HFI's belief that a multi-pronged approach to keep students and schools safer is required.

School violence is defined as the phenomenon of violent behavior that occurs in the school itself. But the very place of violence can not be the only criterion for determining violence in school. The whole community has to be a part of [the solution].  (1)

5 Reasons Metal Detectors Alone are a Bad Idea

Some schools with chronic violence and weapon violations have installed metal detectors at their entrances, screening students for contraband as they arrive. Ken Trump, president of Cleveland-based National School Safety and Security Services, believes metal detectors are an unsustainable, knee-jerk political reaction. 

Student Codes of Conduct/Discipline Policies

Most schools have some sort of student codes of conduct and other discipline policies which generally outline a student's rights and responsibilities within the student body. These policies also typically include types of behavior that are acceptable or inappropriate on school campuses (or even beyond school doors). Parents (or guardians) should read through these policies with their child to ensure awareness of important safety and discipline guidelines.