Code of Alabama

District Attorney's Responsibility

Every child between the ages of six and 17 is required to attend a public school, private school, church school, or be instructed by a private tutor certified by the state of Alabama for the entire length of the school term in every scholastic subject under the compulsory attendance law… 

Code of Alabama 1975 §§16-28-3, 16-28-1, 16-28-7

The purposes of this article are to secure the prompt and regular attendance of pupils and to secure their proper conduct, and to hold the parent, guardian or other person in charge or control of a child responsible and liable for such child’s nonattendance and improper conduct as a pupil…

Code of Alabama 1975 Section 16-28-2

The district attorney shall vigorously enforce this section to ensure proper conduct and required attendance by any child enrolled in public school.

Code of Alabama 1975 Section 16-28-12(c)